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Rg-Art is an online gallery where one can find art and handmade crafts handmade by Renata Goraczko. She takes a careful, individual and stirring approach to every, single piece. She uses oil-based and acrylic-based as well as proprietary techniques. Her art was presented in both Poland, where she comes from as well as in Europe during open-air paintings, exhibitions and art competitions. Her art is a reflection of her own, personal emotions and feelings. We hope that every visitor will find these masterpieces interesting. Please, feel welcome to discover our world of true art. Some of the works from May to October will be in the SYNAGOGA Art Gallery in Lesko. Please, check the availability of the product by sending an inquiry to the email:

I encourage you to visit graphics by Gabriela Gorączko

Rg-Art Renata Goraczko